Frequently asked questions

What are our accounting fees?

To determine our fees, we’ll assess the volume and complexity of your requirements, and the estimate will be detailed in an engagement letter, remaining unchanged unless there are significant changes in processed transactions. 

What is our hourly rate?

We don’t bill by the hour instead, we offer a flat or monthly fee as part of our business services. 

What are our minimum tax return fees?

The fee is dependent on the return’s complexity and will be detailed in our engagement letter before doing any work. Typically, for individual clients, our minimum is $600 per return, while for business clients, fees start at $600/month and can extend up to $3000/month.

What is included in our packages?

Our all-inclusive packages cover accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, tax, and essential services, providing a convenient one-stop solution. In the rare event of an IRS inquiry, under our Audit Protection plan, we can handle all communications, and our team makes sure each client receives the required attention. 

Which industries do we cater to?

Our business services are tailored to medical, dental, and professional services clients, typically with employee counts ranging from 2 to 55. Our commitment to high standards and a strong work ethic drive client loyalty, evident in their return year after year.

How swiftly are reports/returns delivered?

We consistently aim for the completion of our services. While we strive to minimize turnaround time, factors such as document submission timing can introduce delays, especially during tax season. Delays, when they occur, are usually attributed to our clients’ timelines. Rest assured, we keep you informed of all due dates. Our objective for monthly and quarterly reports is to finalize them by the 15th of the month.